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Canada's sassy, safe & sustainable lifestyle brand!

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Hello Friends! In 2011, I launched Green’s Your Colour with the mission to offer consumers products that were practical, safe as well as sustainable. This has always been my brands purpose from day one.

Nearly 10 years have quickly passed and the world has finally started to make a positive shift. The need, desire and concern for the environment and being less wasteful has drastically taken a much needed turn and I’m so happy to see it finally happening!

As our world starts to move into the right direction, Green's Your Colour will be introducing new and exciting sustainable and naturally made products that will continue to change the way we use everyday household items. 

I am ever so grateful to my loyal customers who have helped spread the word about Green’s Your Colour and my passion. Thank you for supporting my little dream and big ambitious goals for a healthier, cleaner, less wasteful world!

Thanks for the Love xoxo

Sandy Costa

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It certainly is great to be recognized and we're proud to have been featured in some of the following media outlets and publications.

Proudly Canadian

Based in Burlington, Ontario, we experience the same harsh climates seen throughout the country.  With that in mind our products are constructed to perform year round, regardless of the climate!

Interesting Facts

Our brand is fun, stylish and very green.  We're not only helping you keep cash in your pocket, but we're doing our best to help preserve our planet.  Here are some quick facts.


Different Animal Species

Have been documented to ingest plastics containing BPA.  Many of which are permanently injured or die as a result of the poison.

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More Energy is Required

The Pacific institute suggests the production of bottled water takes 2000 times the energy required to produce tap water.

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