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As temperatures soar to record highs, the last thing on your mind is to do without air conditioning, right? What if you have no other option than to endure the heat? What are some of the things you can do to cool down fast?

The following list of suggestions makes it easier for you to stay cool even when it’s very hot outdoors. You may find one or all ten options ideal for your current situation. Whatever the case may be, you don’t need to crank up the air to survive a heat wave. All you need to do is exercise some creativity as demonstrated below.

Here are ten ways to beat the heat this summer without relying on air conditioning:

  1. Dress in lightweight fabrics and light colors. Light colors reflect sunlight. Dark colors absorb it. White is among the best and most versatile colors for summer wardrobes. You’ll find it available in some of the coolest, lightweight fabrics, too. Think cotton, linen, and hemp for maximum comfortability.

  2. Drink plenty of hydrating H2O to prevent dehydration. When temperatures rise outdoors, your body temperature does, too. You’ll sweat more which means you need to replace the fluid that is lost. Carrying a refillable water bottle with you wherever you go is essential. It prevents you from overheating, becoming dehydrated, and falling ill. Best of all, if it is triple-insulated like our bottles are, you’ll be able to enjoy cold beverages for hours without adding ice to them.

  3. Swim in the pool, the lake or the ocean. Immerse yourself in water. Keep your entire body cool from head to toe by taking a quick dip in whatever body of water you’re near. Always exercise caution, though, by not swimming alone or right after you’ve eaten. You do not want to swim past buoys or in areas that aren’t deemed fit for the public, either.

  4. Invest in portable body fans. Tourists love the battery-powered devices. There is no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy them, too. They’re highly effective especially when you’re spending a great deal of time outdoors. You won’t experience a blast of heat when you have a cool stream of air pointed toward your face and head. Wear a hat or sun visor and be sure to carry spare batteries with you so you won’t need to buy any later.

  5. Go for a drive with the windows down. A nice breeze makes a world of difference when you’re not wanting to run the air conditioner inside your car. Roll down the windows and enjoy the summer air as it whips past your vehicle while you drive down the road or highway. 

  6. Choose linen for bedsheets. It is moisture-wicking and very cool. Linen holds up well in the wash, too, so you don’t need to worry about wearing out your sheets because you’ve laundered them too much. They’ll be perfectly fine and very comfortable to sleep on. Linen is the type of fabric that lasts a long time. It’s a wise investment for all bedrooms in your home or apartment.

  7. Leave your windows open while you're inside the house. Let the cool air in the morning come into the home. Then, close your windows before noon when temperatures start to become the hottest. If you have a home that is well-insulated, you’ll be able to keep it cool for quite a while this way.

  8. Grill outdoors so you don’t heat up the kitchen. A hot stove is the last thing you want to stand over to stay cool. That’s where an outdoor grill comes in. You can still enjoy a homecooked meal without heating up your entire house or apartment to prepare it. Grilled food tastes amazing and can be eaten outdoors with family and friends.

  9. Create facial misting spray with water and essential oils. If you want to feel cool while out and about, create a bottle of misting spray. You can use your favorite essential oils and spring water to give yourself a refreshing spritz whenever you need it. You’ll instantly feel better on the hottest days because a small amount of water can help lower your body temperature and make you feel better.

  10. Invest in houseplants. Natural purifiers, plants such as aloe vera, ficus tree, fern, and snake plant help pull excess moisture out of the air as well as toxins. If you want a naturally cooler home, spend money on houseplants and never be disappointed. You’ll benefit from the air-cleaning properties, have a more green and natural environment to enjoy, and be able to control the humidity better with a houseplant or two.

There are many ways to cool yourself and your home without going into debt with the electric company. By implementing the tips listed above, you’re able to enjoy all the wonderful things there is to celebrate about summer without paying the price for it. You’ll be able to go where you want to go, too, because you’re well-prepared to deal with the rising temperatures.

Cool Down Fast Without the Soaring Cost of a High Home Energy Bill

The heat of summer can make things very uncomfortable for a person. If your body temperature and the temp inside your home are unreasonably high, there are things you can do to cool down fast. You don’t need to rack up a high energy bill in the process, either. Each of the suggestions listed above is no cost or virtually free. You’ll enjoy the long summer days without getting a bad sunburn or heatstroke.

Green’s Your Colour sells Triple Insulated Water Bottles that keep drinks hot and cold for hours at a time. They come in different sizes and colors, too, so everyone in your family can have their own bottle that is easy to recognize. Different types of lids exist to make drinking any type of beverage from the bottle easy.

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by Kevin W Gaus

No pic but wow, these work great. Cold? Hot? No problem. I usually make my tea at night in a bottle and let it chill in the fridge over night. Did that yesterday. I expected a chilled tea but nope, even with the cap off and in a cold fridge the tea was still warm! Impressive. I’d recommend these to everyone. My wife and I are very happy with the 4 we bought. Thank you!

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