7 Ways to Remain Sustainable this Holiday Season

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, the season to spread good cheer is officially here. It's now time to start packing up in preparation for visiting our loved ones or for vacation. However, while the end of the year holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas are the most beautiful times of the year for most of us, they are also the most wasteful.

Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s holiday, Americans create 25% more waste, while the UK produces 30% more in the same period. Unfortunately, all this often ends up in our oceans and landfills. On the bright side, it's possible to spread the good cheer and at the same time, stay environmentally sustainable.

Ways to Stay Green over the Holidays

The holidays are for sharing, caring, and spending time with our loved ones. But don't let that be an excuse for harming the environment. Put these tips into action, and you'll enjoy the perfect Christmas, and at the same time, you'll have done your part in safeguarding the well-being of the environment.

  1. Travel and Vacation the Green Way

If your holiday season is more about travel and vacations, then you should enjoy it the green way. One way to do so is to start planning your vacations early. This way, you'll have enough time to research on great travel destinations. You'll also get the chance to review the different green hotels available in your destination of choice and find a green tour company. If your vacation is within your city's limits, then you should consider using public transport, and while you are on location, use healthier and greener means to get around, such as a bike.  On top of it all, don’t use plastic bottles, carry your own reusable, eco-friendly bottle for water and other beverages, and avoid dumping your waste on the road. 

  1. Skip the Disposables

Besides plastic gift wraps, disposable silverware and paper napkins also make up the majority of end of year trash. Make this season a little different by skipping the disposables. For instance, if you're hosting your friends and family for thanksgiving dinner and think that your silverware won't be enough, invest in a reusable set. We get that it can be pretty expensive to purchase a set of cutlery. That is why we suggest a more eco-friendly, reusable kit. It’s gentle on your budget and at the same time, safe for the environment. Replace paper napkins with cloth napkins that you can wash later on instead of paper ones that will only end up in the trash.

  1. Send More Meaningful Gifts

Gifts are great, they make us feel valued and appreciated. But they can be pretty wasteful and harmful to the environment. But this does not mean you forego the pleasure of gifting your loved ones as you can still do so sustainably. For instance, instead of buying for that cousin who is into self-care, something that will probably end up in a yard sale or at the back of their closet one year from now, get them a vegan face + body gift kit. This way, they'll remember you every time they are using products from the set and will reap immense benefits from using a purely plant-based skincare product. At the same time, you'll have remained sustainable.

  1. Get a Potted Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree is often a staple in all households. Unfortunately, most of the Christmas trees that make their way to our homes are usually plastic. This not only means they'll eventually end up in a landfill, but also their means of production harms the environment. However, the good is you can still have your Christmas tree and at the same time, remain sustainable by opting for a potted one. A potted one is even better as it's live. Therefore, it offers the best bang for your buck as all you need to do is take care of it, and you can reuse it next Christmas. During the other seasons, a potted Christmas tree can also serve as a piece of décor. Additionally, if you eventually decide to throw it away, you need not worry about Mother Nature because, unlike plastic, a potted Christmas tree is biodegradable.

  1. Carry a Reusable Bag for Shopping

There is no doubt you will be doing plenty of shopping this holiday. Each time you visit a shopping mall, your shopping will be packed in a plastic bag, which you will probably end up throwing in the trash. That's how it starts and ends up in the ocean. In that breath, invest in quality, reusable shopping bags and bring them with you every time you shop to minimize plastic use. You doing this alone might seem insignificant, but few fewer plastic bags in the environment are better. Plus, the more you do this, there's a likelihood your close friends and family will follow suit. Just like that, you'll have started a green movement without even realizing it.  

  1. Don’t Throw Away Gift Wraps

Gift wraps make up the majority of Christmas trash. Since friends and family will send you gifts wrapped in plastic, ensure it doesn't end up in the trash by reusing it. For instance, you could carefully stash it away, and instead of buying gift wraps in the future, reuse it. Also, set the pace for them by sending your gifts wrapped in recyclable paper.

  1. Shop Locally

Instead of heading to the biggest retail shop near you, consider shopping locally. This way, you'll promote local business and indirectly give an economy boost. Additionally, since most products in that large retail shop come from all over the world, they often contribute to greenhouse emissions. Shopping locally means a reduced carbon footprint as the products don’t require any heavy transportation.

Why Bother Going Green?

Your small actions might seem insignificant, but they go a long way in inspiring others to do the same. For instance, if you insist on using reusable eco-friendly bottles, you'll influence those close to you, and the result will be less plastic ending up in the ocean. You'll also get a sense of fulfillment knowing that your actions safeguard the wellbeing of a turtle, a bird, a dolphin, and other animals that are continuously being affected by waste. On that note, take time to view our inventory of eco-friendly products so you can make the most of your green holiday.

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