Become an Everyday Environmentalist

Your actions shape the environment in which you live in. The small decisions you make daily contribute to the overall level of contentedness you have with your life. When trying to decide how to impact the planet in a positive way, you first need to take a hard look at your habits. How good are you about reducing, reusing, and recycling?

How serious are you about living green? Do you buy products that minimize environmental destruction and reduce waste like our BPA free stainless steel water bottles? Are you supportive of environmentally-friendly practices, companies, and products? Answering these questions helps you discover areas of your life that need improvement.

When you’re conscious of the decisions you make, you can quickly change habits to support your values. You make choices that impact your family, community, and the planet for the better. You become an everyday environmentalist in your thoughts and actions.

Switching out disposable items with reusable items is one of the fastest ways to go green. It eliminates waste, cultivates good habits, and gives you the opportunity to carry water and meals with you wherever you go. You won’t spend extra money buying bottled water or a meal when you’re out and about. Instead, you’ll be a better manager of your money, time, and the amount of trash you create each and every day.

5 THOUGHTS ON “Become an Everyday Environmentalist”

by Maggie Abbonizio

Living environmentally conscience is so important, and it’s not hard to take small steps. Thanks for the read ?

by Sara Russell

This has been a priority for me since age 9. There are so many ways to need less, buy less and reuse more. We have reusable straws, reusable hot and cold beverage containers, reusable food storage containers, cloth napkins and more.

by Samantha

Every one should live their lives with integrity and practice the values they espouse.

by Neil Alvin Nicerio

I have to totally agree with you. With the fast chwnging world now and the busier people get, nature is always at the losing end.
I am now conscious of the little things that damages nature but I think more people should get involved in become an everyday environmentalist.

by Jibran Yousuf

Informative yet motivational. Thanks for the post!

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