Being a Green Role Model for Kids


Being a Green Role Model for Kids

Children learn by imitating adults. If you want to teach the kids in your life about protecting the planet, you’ll want to exhibit behavior that matches your values. By living what you preach, you’re able to get the point across effectively to the children you spend time with.

There are many ways to serve as a green role model for kids. One way is to educate them about the importance of their choices as a consumer. Rather than buy items for instant gratification, have the children think long and hard about the product they want to buy, where it came from, how long it took to make, and the impact its existence has on the planet.

For example, disposable water bottles are wasteful. Not only are they expensive, they also fill trash cans, waterways, and roadsides around the world. People are not as good about recycling plastic bottles as they should be.
That’s why the children should learn the advantages of refillable water bottles. They should understand the cost comes from the materials the bottle is made from. You’ll also want to let them know how many plastic bottles you save from the landfill by making the switch to a triple insulated bottle.

Be a green role model for kids. Change your habits to help future generations respect the planet that we live on. Be a mentor to youth who need guidance on how to live a healthier, greener lifestyle.

7 THOUGHTS ON “Being a Green Role Model for Kids”


It is important that more and more parents become green role models. With today’s throw away society we are creating too much waste and polluting a already over polluted world that will affect our children and their children.

by Elizabeth O

This is a really interesting article. I love the idea of being role models for our children and teaching them good habits to take onto their adulthood.

by Simple Indian Mom

It’s so true kids always try to imitate their parents. It’s our duty to do things which makes them learn good habits. Being a green model to your kid is always a healthy affair for parents. Loved reading it.
keep writing such motivational post :)

by Geraline Batarra

This is such a great post. In this kind of short article you were able to explained everything most especially the importance of teaching the kids to love, respect and protect our environment.

by Flyingkids

Wonderful post. I agree. The best way to help children learn is to lead by example.

by Nina

this is such a great idea to influence the young minds :) being a green role model sounds inspiring and exciting :)

by Brandy

This is really great. I try my best to be a green role model to my kids, but admit I am not perfect with it. Any small change I can make, I do though!

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