Clean Up Your Act in Time for Earth Day

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We live in a disposable society where single-use plastic bottles make up most of the unrecycled trash in landfills. Even though the items could easily be turned into new materials, people don’t want to be bothered to recycle them. That’s why they drink the contents and toss the bottles into the trashcan for someone else to worry about.

If you’re the type of person who is aware of how your habits affect the planet and are starting to make changes to reduce the amount you consume, there are some things you can do in anticipation of Earth Day. You can easily share what you know about plastic waste and how it impacts the planet negatively. You can also support campaigns and companies who believe in better practices when it comes to single-use plastic products such as water bottles.

Not Enough Plastic Water Bottles are Being Recycled in Canada

Despite Nestle believing that 70% to 75% of its plastic water bottles are recycled in Ontario, it isn’t the case. The bottles find their way into forests, lakes, and oceans according to the Polaris Institute. The phenomenon isn’t just regional, either, as plastic waste is a problem globally. It’s something that has been addressed for decades with no permanent solution.

Parts of the planet are strewn with trash, so much so that you can no longer tell what the surface looks like beneath it. Plastic is being consumed by the marine life which later gets consumed by other wildlife and human being. Some varieties of fish are full of plastic and the chemicals used to create it that it’s impossible not to be exposed to the toxins yourself.

Some areas of the globe simply aren’t inhabitable because of the waste that is present, yet people live among garbage. Men and women have taken matters into their own hands by digging through the waste and repurposing it into items that can be sold and used once again. In India, women recycle textile waste to create beautiful items such as quilts and table runners made by hand and sold for profit.


Things You Can Do April 22nd or Any Day of The Year for That Matter

You don’t need to wait until Earth Day to start changing your habits. Today is as good as any day to get started. Here are some of the things you can do to make the planet a better place:

  1. Purchase a refillable water bottle. Cut back on the expense and waste created when drinking bottled water. This act alone reduces the amount of garbage a home produces. Refillable water bottles are not only practical, they’re stylish, too. It’s a portable option that gives you great flexibility as there are places to refill the bottle wherever you go. If you choose a Green’s Your Colour Triple Insulated Bottle, you have the option of drinking hot beverages as well as cold ones without needing a second bottle to use. The drinks stay the perfect temperature for hours, too, so there is no need to rush to drink them.
  2. Pledge to reduce the amount of plastic your family brings into the home. Work toward a Zero Waste lifestyle. There is a movement that is big in the world right now that makes the consumer responsible for the waste they generate. It’s easy to jump onboard and reduce the amount of waste produced in your home dramatically. You’ll find resources available throughout the web to help you with your journey. There are also many books that highlight the benefits of a Zero Waste lifestyle and show you how it can be done long-term.
  3. Start a recycling program for plastics in your workplace. Help everyone you know to take responsibility for their actions. Start a recycling program in the workplace. Give your boss and co-workers reusable water bottles for holidays and special events. Encourage everyone to take one step to a greener workspace. Share the achievements you’ve made in your company newsletter and during the monthly meetings that you have.
  4. Carry your own cloth shopping bags. Refuse plastic bags whenever they are offered to you. Carry cloth or nylon bags wherever you go. Some fold up easily and fit in a pocket or purse. Invest in a few so that you’re never without the bags you need when you shop. They’re sturdier and much better for the planet than plastic bags that are used once and thrown away promptly afterward. Cloth or nylon shopping bags are also available for purchase in just about every retailer you come across, so you can add them to your order and ask that the groceries or items be placed inside of them rather than in plastic bags.
  5. Keep discovering new ways to help the planet. Every action that you choose to correct makes a world of difference. From how long you take a shower to the brands of clothing and products that you buy, everything you do either helps or hurts the planet. You can opt to change how you think and approach things with every choice you make. Take accountability for the role you play as a consumer and inhabitant of Earth.

April 22nd is right around the corner. If you want to honor the planet in a truly special and impactful way this year, give up plastic. Do your part to invest in reusable products that you can wash and use repeatedly throughout the year. Encourage members of your family and community to do the same.


Empower People by Sharing Your Knowledge and Experience

Knowledge empowers people. It makes a difference in what they feel compelled to do. When they see that their actions are impacting the planet in a positive way, they want to keep doing what they’re doing.

They’re more likely to help others find their way, too. They’ll spread messages in person and via social media in favor of helping the planet. You’ll find them speaking about the changes they’ve made to their own lifestyles to make them greener, healthier, and better for the environment and everything living in its many ecosystems.

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