Dominique Provost Chalkley and Greens Your Colour challenge


Wynonna Earp actress Dominique Provost-Chalkley is on a mission. She came to us because she wanted to team up with us to reduce the public’s dependency on plastic bottles. A commitment to saving the planet from unnecessary waste is something we share with the talented actress.

Knowing that plastic bottles contribute to the growing problems facing our environment today, we’ve pledged to do better as individuals and a company to raise awareness and eliminate our dependency on disposable plastics. Being able to share our products on a larger scale with people around the globe has been a goal of ours since day one. Having familiar faces such as Dominique’s, helps further our cause and get the word out about how easy it is to make simple lifestyle changes that better the planet.


A Conscientious Gift with Sustainability

After traveling, the actress had the idea to make giving up plastic bottles her mission for the year. She wanted to share her passion for sustainability with the people around her so she came up with a brilliant idea. She then reached out to our company with a request for our signature product.

Dominique gifted her entire Wynonna Earp cast and crew a Green’s Your Colour triple insulated water bottles in hopes that they would reduce their collective and individual carbon footprints. It was important for the actress to choose a brand like ours that aligned with her values and that was Canadian-based.

We were thrilled to work with one of the movie and television industry’s brightest stars. We fulfilled her request eagerly. It’s not every day, that we get to work with such influential young people!

Once the bottles arrived, we checked back in with Dominique to see how they were received. According to her report, they were a hit with everyone they were given to. The small gesture yielded big results by raising awareness of the environmental destruction caused by plastic bottles.


Working with an Influential Actress Such as Dominique

To work with an amazing talent such as Dominique has been a true honor. Some of her most notable roles include the work she did on Avengers: Age of Ultron in 2015 as well as Buckout Road and 12 Monkeys in 2017. We’re enthusiastic about her future work, too, as we know she will have a long and successful career.

Dominique shared her experience working with us and her mission on her Instagram feed. Her message reads,” CHANGING THE WORLD ONE PLASTIC BOTTLE AT A TIME!  In order to be kind to our global neighbors and future generations; this year I have decided to make it my sole mission to help nurture this planet and try and save our Beautiful Earth. I contacted @greensyourcolour, a lovely Eco-Friendly Canadian company (Always Think Local), and together we started a mission to reduce Wynonna's carbon footprint!” The character that she plays on Wynonna Earp, which is in its third season of production, is Waverly Earp.

Dominique went on to write “Climate Change is a real threat and it affects ALL of us. 
Having just come back from India and seen its effects first hand - I decided that we have no other choice but to try, in our own small way, to make a difference.” Partnering with a company like ours has value. It allows the actress, her cast, and crew to see what makes our products excellent alternatives to disposable plastic water bottles. It allows us to use Dominique’s platform and influence to help raise awareness on a larger scale.

Follow her Instagram account for the most up-to-date information about what the actress is doing to help the planet. Her latest photo shows her holding our triple insulated bottle which has become a staple in many households around the world. The bottle keeps cold beverages refreshingly crisp for 36 hours at a time and hot beverages steaming for 8 hours continuously.


How India is Dealing with Plastic Waste on a Larger Scale

Despite a ban on single-use plastics in the capital city of Delhi, India’s dependency on disposable water bottles is very apparent. All one has to do is walk the streets and witness the waterways filled with discarded plastic. In addition to harming the planet and tainting water supplies, certain types of plastic chemicals are absorbed by human bodies and lead to altered hormones and other distressing health issues.

The average plastic bottle takes 500 to 1,000 to decompose. Multiply the lifespan of the trash by the number of bottles produced in the world, and you have a global crisis. Plastics litter rivers, streams, and oceans where marine life get caught in the rubbish and eat large amounts of tiny plastics that reside on the surface of the water.


Reducing Your Dependency on Disposable Plastic Water Bottles

If you want to make a difference in your own daily routine, start with a triple insulated water bottle from us. They’re available in three different sizes, a wide range of colors, and come with many accessories to choose from. The bottles are designed to keep beverages hot and cold for hours at a time.

Green’s Your Colour is committed to ending your dependency on plastic water bottles. Let us answer your need for a permanent solution to a growing waste problem. We’re able to provide products for large groups such as the cast and crew of Wynonna Earp with ease.

Take charge of your carbon footprint the way that Dominique and her colleagues did by making the switch to refillable water bottles. The Guardian reports that by 2021, annual consumption of plastic bottles will top half a trillion. The environmental destruction that occurs to coastlines, oceans and their surrounding areas due to waste plastics is hard to comprehend.

Through the willingness to change your behavior and replace it with environmentally-friendly habits, you’re taking a step in the right direction in saving the planet and preserving its natural resources. By sharing your experience with others every time you have a chance to educate them about the dangers of plastic bottles, you’re doing yet another thing to support the cause. Last but not least, when you buy from companies like ours and watch the films and TV shows that stars such as Dominique act in, you’re telling the world that you believe in what we do and are willing to do everything you can to make sure your lifestyle doesn’t hurt the planet and its amazing people.

4 THOUGHTS ON “Dominique Provost-Chalkley and Green’s Your Colour Challenge You to Give Up Your Plastic Bottle Dependency”

by Sadichchha Koirala

I love Dom very much. I’m sure most of the people are inspired by her. You have amazing water bottles. I love it

by Dana

I love wynonna earp and u dom

by Dana

I love wynonna earp and u dom

by andy

As a huge fan of Dom’s and Wynonna earp im sure your sales will increase because she is a positive role model and will inspire others to make a change for the better your products look amazing and even tho i am in australia i am gonna check them out right now…all the best

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