Green’s Your Colour will quickly become your go-to eco brand. Founded by Sandy Costa, a Canadian, in 2011, it is proof of her values as a vegetarian and environmentalist. The company offers natural creams, triple insulated drinking bottles in a variety of sizes that keep beverages hot and cold, insulated food containers, and different lids that give bottles style and individuality.

It is Sandy’s passion to grow her product line and business sustainably. That level of commitment translates well to Green’s Your Colour customer who want safe alternatives to the products they use daily. Wholesale opportunities exist for businesses choosing to include the company’s natural creams, insulated bottles and food containers, and lids in their own stores.

The bottles are among the most popular products offered. They are made from food grade stainless steel and do not have a plastic lining. The bottles are lead-free and can be custom printed with an organization’s logo on them.

Water, juice, alcohol, and even soda can be drank out of the bottles. They’re designed to keep beverages cold for up to 36+ hours at a time. If coffee, tea or cocoa is desired, the bottle will keep its contents hot for up to 8+ hours at a time, making it a versatile option to use year round.

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by Ruby More

Hey I had purchased a food thermos from you at the exhibition a few years back and wanted to purchase another one but can’t seem to locate it on your website.

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