How Green is Your Beauty Routine

When it comes to living a green lifestyle, it requires a sincere effort to change every area of your life. That means that you’ll want to make your beauty routine environmentally-friendly also. Doing so benefits your body, your budget, and the planet.

If you haven’t started using natural products on your face, body, and hair, you’ll want to phase out the items you’re using and elect to use cleansers, masks, and moisturizers that minimally impact the environment and your health. We offer beauty products that not only help you look great but make you feel great about your purchases, too. 

Choosing products free of harsh chemicals means that during the manufacturing process, these pollutants aren’t put into the air. They don’t contaminate the water supplies near them, either, because of run-off. They also don’t put pollutants into your home or body as well. 

Look for packaging that you can recycle, too. If a product comes in biodegradable packaging, it’s even better. Having the option to recycle plastic bottles, jars, and containers after using them lessen the amount of waste your family produces. And if you can use a reusable water bottle, even better!

It’s the responsible way of dealing with lesser eco-friendly containers. You can tell what type of recyclable it is by looking at the number on the bottom. Plastic is labeled with numbers so you can identify the different compounds that make up the container.

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