Now that you’ve arrived at a certain point in your eco-friendly journey, it’s time to encourage others to take the first step in becoming green. Your family and friends are well aware of your efforts and may need assistance with embracing new concepts and habits concerning their lifestyle choices. Lucky for you, you’ve been green for quite a while and provide them with tips and pointers to make their transition smoother.

The following list of tips was written as a way to introduce your inner circle to greener lifestyle practices. Some are easier to implement than others. A few require a bigger commitment from your family and friends. All are great ways to show love for planet earth.

Here are some ways to encourage your family and friends to go green:

  • By introducing them to your favorite eco-friendly products and services. If you love a company that cares about the environment, don’t be afraid to share them with the people you know. Doing so helps raise awareness of the products and services available that don’t harm the planet. You can serve as a valuable resource by providing interested parties with information about your favorite eco-friendly companies to buy from. They’ll feel compelled to look into the companies themselves to see which things they can buy. Once they learn that they aren’t forced to do without certain luxuries, they’ll be more apt to purchase the eco-friendly version of the items instead.

  • Through the sharing of relevant content on your blog and social media accounts. Encouraging others to share what they’ve learned helps exponentially. Think of how many friends of a friend of a friend’s posts you’ve seen throughout your time on social media. Then, decide how to leverage the platform to your advantage. Which types of post get the most attention from your circle of family members and friends? Share new content that has to do with the environment, clean air initiatives, conservation, recycling, upcycling, and whatever else interests you. Your social media accounts and blogs are where you can get very personal about your beliefs. Inspire others to get involved with saving the planet. It’s easy to ignite change when you have powerful, instantaneous tools available that allow you to do so.

  • By volunteering as a group to do something pro-earth. When other people can see the good that they’re doing by changing their habits or pitching in where other people have made messes, they’re more apt to make green living a sustainable lifestyle choice. There are plenty of groups and organizations that need help furthering their mission. Find a way to get involved and recruit the people that you know to help out, too. Organizations are constantly looking for reliable people to assist them with events, fundraisers, and even yard work. Ask the people in your inner circle to roll up their sleeves and help you with your volunteer efforts.

  • Making recycling easier for them. Set up recycling bins at home and work. Teach the people you know how to identify different types of recyclable goods. That way, they find it easy to place the items in the bins to recycle. After some time, it will become second nature to them. They’ll instinctively place recyclables in the appropriate bins and you won’t need to prompt them to. You can even recruit someone to be in charge of hauling the recycling to its appropriate drop off point. That way, they feel the fruits of their efforts paying off.

  • Setting up swaps so unwanted items stay out of the landfill. Among the most fun things you can do to encourage your family and friends to go green is to host a swap. Everyone brings things that they no longer want or need. Then, they take turns picking new items from the party attendees. It’s a great way to give old items a new lease on life. You can do this with anything from clothing and accessories to movies and books. Be creative. You’ll likely find a ton of people excited about your event. They’ll even swap between each other because they enjoyed the process so much.

  • By giving them products that are green for birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. Gifts with a conscience are much easier to find these days. People are becoming more informed consumers. They know where a product’s origin is and how it was manufactured. They look for recyclable packaging, too. You can jumpstart a relative or friend’s journey to becoming green by gifting them something special that doesn’t hurt the planet or its people. There are plenty of items to choose from on the Green’s Your Colour website. Take a look around to get ideas for the next birthday or holiday you plan on celebrating.

The more you use your voice to educate, inform, and encourage others, the better chances you have of having the people you know and care about be in agreement about the things that matter most to you. By going green as a collective unit, you’re able to achieve more in less time. You start minimizing the impact that you once created by generating a lot of waste through direct action.

What You Accomplish By Getting Others to Go Green

In addition to building a team of supportive individuals ready to handle the earth with greater care, you also feel a sense of accomplishment knowing that your actions and words inspire others. You’re then able to take a larger scale approach with greening the planet. Not only can you extend your efforts to your inner circle, but you can also start helping complete strangers clean up their act by ditching disposables and unhealthy lifestyle choices for healthier, greener options.

Green’s Your Colour offers refillable triple insulated bottles in a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes for you to choose from. You can easily gift one to everyone you know. That way, they’ll stop buying bottles of water and start drinking from their own reusable bottle instead. It eliminates unnecessary waste from entering the landfill and making the planet’s many problems worsen.

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by Lei Andersen

Your bottle is beyond amazing. I filled it with a slushie, and I honestly could not drink from it for 2 whole days. On the 3rd day there still is ice in it. I can’t believe it! Using it in the oil field for my lunch liquid on a 12 hr shift, its well worth the price I paid for it.

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