How to Make Your Next Vacation as Green as Possible

Travel is a luxury that many people never allow themselves to experience. They cite excuses about money, children, and the environment because they’re too afraid to step outside their comfort zones to do something new. You can be a protector of the planet and still enjoy traveling. You just do it differently than the average person, that’s all.

Offset Carbon Emissions by Investing in Cleaner Forms of Energy

Among the many ways environmentalists and zero-waste life-stylists justify traveling is by offsetting carbon emissions. Essentially, this covers the waste produced by the plane or automobile you travel in. By purchasing these credits, you fund programs that help create fewer carbon emissions such as wind power and other clean energy initiatives. 

Knowing that you’ve done your part to combat the bad with good is very liberating and makes traveling by air or road more ethical. You can customize the number of credits you buy based on your own personal consumption levels and even purchase them for your business if you own one. It’s a great way to prepare for an epic adventure because you have a clearer conscience knowing that your travels won’t be harming the environment for long.

Additional Ways to Make Your Trip Green

Today’s world is more environmentally conscious than it has been in years. Green tourism is something advertised heavily these days as a way to appeal to people who would like to experience travel but don’t want to make their environmental footprint larger. Even if you’re not a fan of packaged vacations, you can still be conscientious about where you travel to and how you consume things once you’re there.

Here’s how to make your next vacation as green as possible:

  • Use greener transport. Select airlines and rental car companies with green missions. Doing so helps you combat carbon emissions even further than it does by just buying carbon emission offset credits. You’ll be doing a whole lot of good by investing in companies that have the same core values as yours. You’ll notice that the whole way that they operate is different than other companies, too.

  • Utilize public transportation. The idea behind this is that more people can travel at one time, saving gasoline and energy while also producing less waste that makes its way into the environment. Wherever you go, see if there is a public bus system, trolley, train or light rail option. Buy tickets for the entire family and note how many other people are doing the same. Think about how much good one single act has made.

  • Stay at hotels and resorts that are eco-friendly. These companies are very transparent about their policies and procedures. They are the first to ask you to reuse your bath towels and toiletries instead of requesting new ones when you’re staying in the accommodations for days at a time. They use cleaners that are free from harsh chemicals and have zero waste initiatives in place at their hotels and resorts as a way of taking responsibility for the impact they make on the environment.

  • Buy groceries locally and pay close attention to their country of origin. Not everything that is organic is local. Not everything local is organic. Just because you buy from a local store doesn’t mean that the food hasn’t been imported. Try to track down the country of origin of the foods that you eat. Select items with little to no packaging and carry your own reusable bags with you. They fold up small and take up little room in your luggage.

  • Take nothing but photographs and leave nothing but footprints. Make this saying your life’s mission. Leave the places you visit better than you found them. Don’t disturb natural settings. Instead, capture their beauty with your camera. That way, other people can continue to enjoy them for years to come. You’ll be able to look back at your photos and know that you left the spot in pristine condition.

  • Donate to charities and organizations in the area that do good things for the planet. It’s a great investment to make. You’ll get to know the people in the area working on changing the planet for good. A monetary donation helps put plans into action and pay for much needed supplies, equipment, and programs. Ask around to see who needs the most support. Then generously give to them so they can further their cause and help as many people as they can with their programs and services.

  • Volunteer to help those in need. There’s no greater gift you can give than the gift of yourself and your time, talents, and experiences. If you want your vacation to bring forth the most good possible, find a way to give back. Your heart will feel incredible because of the change you ignited in the area you traveled to. Even if you don’t have a lot of money to donate, you can give the fit of your time and that is priceless! Organizations need support from people willing to do free labor for them. Remember that volunteers help get more done with less funding.

Make it your objective to do as little harm and as much good as possible while traveling. That way, every vacation has more than just sentimental value. It helps further your beliefs in a better world and helps you carry out your mission to live a greener lifestyle wherever you go.

Choose the Best Options Available

You’ve got options that make your trip more sustainable and environmentally-friendlier. From the luggage that you pack to the foods that you eat, every choice that you’re given makes a difference. Choose wisely and have the time of your life whenever you feel like going somewhere or experiencing something new.

Make Your Trip Align with Your Values and Beliefs

Your next vacation can align with your core values and beliefs. It needn’t be frivolous or destructive. In fact, it can be everything that’s good about living a green lifestyle. With some advanced planning and Green’s Your Colour Triple Insulated Water Bottles, you’ll be ready to travel far and wide!


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