Make Your Workplace Greener by Doing This

There are a number of ways to make your workplace greener. You can speak to the Human Resources department about setting up recycling bins inside the breakroom. You can get them to give up the pod-style coffee machine in favor of a twelve-cup pot. Your co-workers are likely onboard with your idea to stop printing unnecessarily and storing documents, manuals, and workbooks on the cloud.

You can also purchase a triple-insulated bottle to drink out of. This eliminates the need for bottled water and cups for coffee. You can keep hot and cold drinks in your bottle without disrupting their temperature.

That means that your water stays ice cold and your coffee or tea remain hot for hours. You can enjoy them without interruption. You won’t have to drink quickly for fear that your water will turn lukewarm and that your hot beverage will lose its steam.

Bottles come in three different sizes to meet your needs. You can also choose the color and lid type that best benefits you. Your triple insulated water bottle keeps water hot for up to 8+ hours at a time and cold for up to 36+ hours at a time, giving you the opportunity to better your work environment without losing the quality and freshness of your favorite beverages.

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