How to Pack an Eco-Lunchbox

We were recently featured in The Bay Area's Mercury News written by Karen D'Souza. The article talks about how to pack an eco lunchbox for your kid on this back-to-school month.

Karen D’Souza tells us that, as environmental awareness grows and more schools pursue zero waste goals, there are more eco-friendly alternatives for school lunches. Stainless steel containers with silicone lids, plastic-free thermos, a stainless spork, or a reusable eco-friendly bag are some of the alternatives parents have nowadays. Even cloth napkins can help to be environmental friendly as the only requirement for this is to add them to the weekly laundry.

“This is a quick and handy cheat sheet for any parent who has had to survive their kid coming home in tears on Earth Day when their lunch didn’t pass inspection because they had a granola bar in its wrapper and grapes in plastic containers (heaven forfend!).”

They mentioned our nifty kiddo collection that includes kittens, dinos and owls designs. As you know, they are BPA free so you don’t have to worry about a toxic inner liner!

If you want to read more, you should also check out Cal Recycle and Waste Free Lunches, which have exhaustive details on how parents and schools can cut down on waste.

Click HERE to view the full article.

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