Have you tried the latest trend in healthy beverages? Fruit infused water is where it’s at! People around the country can attest to how delicious it is. Best of all, the flavor comes from real pieces of fruit, not artificial sweeteners. You get a healthy dose of vitamins in each delicious sip of H2O you drink.

Creating fruit infused water is easy. What you need is a pitcher, pure, filtered water, and a couple of cups of fruit and sprigs of fresh herbs. To make sure that the fruit properly infuses the water, wait at least 4 hours before drinking it. The fruit infused water lasts for 24 hours or longer depending on whether or not you’ve chosen to scoop out the fruit.

Some favorite flavor combinations to try include lemon and thyme, cucumber with lime, strawberry, and mint, watermelon with honeydew and mint, lime with ginger root and basil, and lemon with raspberry and rosemary. Cut softer fruit in halves or quarters and firmer fruit like citrus in slices.

Before leaving the house, fill your water bottle up with the fruit infused water and drink your fill of flavorful, cleansing H2O. It’s easy to do and your body will thank you for it. A triple insulated bottle from Green’s Your Colour keeps water cold for up to 36+ hours at a time.

4 THOUGHTS ON “Trend Alert: Fruit Infused Water”

by ThrifDeeDubai

Yes! I’ve been drinking hot lemon water every morning 30mins b4 I eat anything & I feel energized, I also sip lemon & mint infused water, sometimes I add berries or cucumber …. depends on what I have around.

by A

Nice, I like cucumber water.

by Kristi McAllister

I’ve seen this sort of thing in spas, but I’ve never done it here at home. You have some yummy combinations. I’m going to try it!

by Scoopsnvogue

Wow . Amazing post

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