How to Make Your Next Vacation as Green as Possible

Travel is a luxury that many people never allow themselves to experience. They cite excuses about money, children, and the environment because they’re too afraid to step outside their comfort zones to do something new. You can be a protector of the planet and still enjoy traveling. You just do it differently than the average person, that’s all.

A Short but Comprehensive Guide to Cleaning Up Your Carbon Footprint

It’s rather mind-blowing to think about how much of an impact your life and habits have on the planet. After all, no one wants to think about their contribution to environmental destruction, do they?

15 Ways to Make Your Commute More Eco-Friendly

Among the many ways you can make your life eco-friendlier is how you commute. You can take the steps necessary to make your drive or ride to work, school, and even the supermarket less taxing on the planet and better for its inhabitants. By slightly changing the way you do things, you make a positive impact. You do your part to protect the planet by making your actions align with your values.

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