In the recent past, society has been consuming natural resources faster than they could get replaced. Consuming them at such a fast rate poses a threat not only to us but also to future generations.

Creating a sustainable community directly contributes to our social, economic, and environmental well-being. Therefore, we need to give it our best.


Predictable Sustainability Trends for 2020

The last few years have seen significant changes in terms of upholding sustainability. Here are some predictions for 2020.


1. Ditching Plastics

Although it has not been an all smooth ride, people have started looking for ways through which they can make their homes plastic-free.


Saying that society will finally ditch plastic in 2020 might be too much. However, we can agree that more people will become aware of the risks accrued to plastic and how challenging recycling could be. With this knowledge, they will choose plastic-free and reusable options like straws and utensils. You can jump into this bandwagon by purchasing our reusable utensil kit to replace plastic ones.


2. Embracing Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles have shown consistent growth. Although self-driven cars looked like they would take up the spot in 2019, electric cars managed to prove their increasing popularity.


Their market has also evolved so much and has been growing exponentially in the last few years. 2020 looks like the year electric vehicles will finally go mainstream.


3. Going Vegan

Have you ever eaten a veggie burger? Probably not. Although these burgers have been in existence for ages, they were considered a reserve for vegetarians.


It looks like the message of the environmental impacts of meat is sinking into more people. It is predicted that more people will consider going meatless in 2020. A veggie burger doesn’t taste bad after all! In addition to meals, you can go vegan through sustainable beauty approaches such as vegan skincare which is gaining popularity.


4. Corporates Joining the Bandwagon

Besides individuals, significant corporations are trying to do away with plastics. They are starting to introduce policies that advocate for zero waste as well as avoiding single-use plastic. 2020 will see more companies consciously making decisions geared towards sustainability.


What Can You Do to Uphold Sustainability?

Each one of us has a role to play in this sustainability battle. Here are some of the things you can to be part.


1. Recycle

You can recycle, or you can buy products made with recycled materials. Recycling your household trash leaves your house clean, and could even make you some extra cash.

By buying products made from recycled materials, we reduce the pressure on raw materials, thus saving money that would otherwise be used on extracting, transporting, and processing raw materials. We also help save landfill space. You can also avoid plastic waste caused by dumping water bottles or disposable coffee cups by purchasing triple insulated stainless steel bottles.


2. Grow a Garden

The food on the supermarket shelves goes through many stages before getting there. We cannot rule out the fact that some of those foods have been processed through sustainable methods, but some are not.


To be on the safe side, you can make good use of your backyard. Plant some vegetables without even using any chemicals. Instead, you can use your kitchen waste as fertilizer. Look at the big picture you’ll enjoy fresh produce, stretch your body while at it, and unite your family.


3. Reduce Food Waste

A lot of food produced goes to waste in the process of being transported, packaged, and marketed. Some of it goes to waste in the hands of consumers who throw it away after buying.


While throwing the food away, all the resources that were used in production, distribution, and storage go to waste. That includes a lot of water, gas, and energy. Reducing wastage could help us save the environment and save grocery bills.


4. Watch Your Bills

Do you find why your electricity and water bills are so high? There could be much-wasted energy and water, for instance, through faulty wiring. Fixing such problems could help in creating a sustainable environment, and you save a penny or two. We could also use alternative sources of energy, such as wind and solar power.


5. Developing Public Spaces

Our communities should have avenues such as orchards where people can meet and interact with each other. They add life to cities and also play a significant role in decreasing crime rates. They also help us keep away from habitats belonging to wildlife.


7. Community Education

Since most people have access to education, we should incorporate energy conservation into our education systems. That way, kids can learn from a tender age the essence of creating a sustainable community. They can understand how to recycle products, reduce waste, and conserve other resources.


When we understand the importance of a particular course, we can pursue it with more diligence.


8. Embracing Diversity

Two heads are certainly better than one. When we embrace diversity, different people can share their diverse skills and knowledge. From there, we can get the best of ideas for the common good of our community.


While at it, excellent communication ensures that we share these ideas effectively. We can communicate through sports, team-building activities, as well as making use of digital forms of communication.


9. Upholding Biodiversity

For any community to thrive, it must have an equilibrium in the ecosystem. As human beings, we should respect other creatures and natural resources. Without striking a balance, we cannot achieve sustainability. Therefore, we should have policies that take care of every element of the ecosystem.


Encourage Your Family and Friends

You cannot save the planet alone. It is a course that requires everyone in the community. Therefore, it helps so much if you can convince a person or two to work towards a sustainable community consciously.


How do I do that, yet I’m not so influential? However, even little effort matters. For instance, you can start by sharing related content on your social media accounts.

You can also introduce them to your favourite company that deals with eco-friendly products. Once they learn they don’t have to give up any luxuries, it becomes easy for them to embrace the products.


Through a collective effort, we can make our planet a better place for ourselves and future generations. Make a difference today!



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