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How to Be a More Conscientious and Caring Consumer

Every single decision you make from the model of car you drive to the way you wash your hair impacts the planet in some way. Rather than go blindly through life not realizing how much your habits have a toll on Mother Earth, why not start by challenging yourself to change?

earth day save the planet

We live in a disposable society where single-use plastic bottles make up most of the unrecycled trash in landfills. Even though the items could easily be turned into new materials, people don’t want to be bothered to recycle them. That’s why they drink the contents and toss the bottles into the trashcan for someone else to worry about. Read more here

Ways to Encourage Family and Friends to Go Green

There are some many ways to encourage family and friends to go green. They are often the greatest supporters of your dreams and lifestyle. That’s why it’s important to reach out to them from time to time to let them know what you’re doing to help the environment. Read more

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